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Sobi2 Related Entries 1

This module use "FIX keywords" setting.

  • Sobi2 entry 8 
  • Sobi2 entry 12 
  • Sobi2 entry 11 

You can see other setting of Sobi2 Related module under the Sobi2 Details view or under the Joomla Article view. (In the demo menu)

You can find these sobi2 extensions demos on this page:

  • Sobi2 Related Articles module
  • Sobi2 Related Entries module
  • Sobi2 Entry Navigation plugin
  • Sobi2 Recently Visited Entries plugin and module
  • Sobi2 Related Categories module

You can find the module's descriptions and the downlad links at


Sigsiu Online Business Index 2

First Category

First Category (5/- )

First Category Introtex

Second Category

Second Category (6/- )

Second Category Introtext

Third Category

Third Category (7/- )

Third Category introtext

Fourth Category

Fourth Category (7/- )

Fourth Category Introtext

Sobi2 entry 11

Sobi2 entry 11

Sobi2 entry 11 street
1100 Sobi2 entry 11 city
Sobi2 entry 11 county
Sobi2 entry 11 state Sobi2 entry 11 country
Sobi2 entry 12

Sobi2 entry 12

Sobi2 entry 12 street
0101 Sobi2 entry 12 city
Sobi2 entry 12 county
Sobi2 entry 12 state Sobi2 entry 12 country
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